Exploring This Arizona Atelier Feels Like A Nomadic Adventure


corner of a shop with leather-and-wood armchair, floor lamp and white side table

Photo: Stephanie Nieheisel, Gothgloss

For Meredith Smyth of Smyth House, everything is driven by creativity and transformation. Her career in marketing and then the debut of her interior design firm attest to this. But Atelier by Smyth House is perhaps the best example. Launched last year on a by-appointment-only basis, the Atelier showcases artisan furnishings, rugs and soft goods that Smyth says speak to her nomadic soul. This spring, the Atelier will open its doors to the public during the first-ever Smyth House Bazaar. Here, Smyth dishes on local design.

What does Atelier do differently from other design stores? It’s not really comparable to stores in Arizona. It’s more like ABC Carpet & Home in New York. It offers stumbled-upon discoveries, some found items but mostly hard-to-find pieces, often by local artists and makers. It’s not an overly luxurious design showroom but rather an experience that is a little more organic and eclectic.

How would you advise readers to refresh their residential aesthetic in 2024? The easiest, simplest way to refresh your space is with soft goods. Swap out a rug, move furniture around, change art and mix things between rooms to convince your eyes it’s new. You should also edit out things you’re tired of and spend some time reflecting on what you like. Design is light and airy here, but you can still have a dark, moody powder room or an office with bold wallpaper.

How has desert design come into its own, in your opinion? Desert design, I believe, is a magical palette. The serenity, calmness and beautiful, tranquil backdrops are great for contemporary and traditional styles.