The Sky’s The Limit For This Atlanta Multi-Hyphenate Creative


Alex Delotch Davis

Baltimore native Alex Delotch Davis, the new executive director of SCAD FASH Museum of Fashion + Film in Atlanta and Lacoste, France, has carved a dynamic path as a leading arts strategist. Her successes have been many—founding cultural media company Gallerie 88 and producing the Driskell Prize gala during her tenure at the High Museum of Art, both of which celebrate Black creative excellence—but for Delotch Davis, this is just the beginning. Here, she shares her inspiration and her next steps.

Lifelong pursuit: What I love about art in all forms is that you can never know it all. There’s always a new thing to learn about: an artist, technique, style or trend. As soon as you become the expert, something else comes along and you must start all over again.

Higher learning: My role at SCAD FASH is to develop programming that will enhance the relationship between Atlanta and the university by presenting modern material culture in a way that is visually captivating and inspiring. The opportunity to bring together the realms that interest me—fashion, art, design—in an organization driven by innovation is a remarkable stroke of fate. I am an alumna of SCAD, myself!

NextGen: Motherhood is the driving force in every decision I make. I want to show my daughters what passionate work looks like.

Ones to watch: Fashion designer Manish Arora, designer Bradley L. Bowers and artist Awol Erizku.

Booklist: Daniel Pink’s A Whole New Mind, which talks about the importance of creative thinking in the future economy. The human ability to imagine what could be and then laying out the mechanics to make it happen is what lies ahead.

Photo by Sydney A. Foster