Tour A Grand Yet Quaint Oregon Hotel Where Every Room Presents A Distinct Experience


Dark walls contrast to the golden touches in this hotel

Here’s an architectural challenge: Design a luxury hotel that blends seamlessly into the quaint cityscape of a small Oregon town.

After two years, architect Nathan Cooprider has established a downtown McMinnville mainstay in the Atticus Hotel (375 NE Ford St.).

Book a room and you’ll see how elevated the hotel truly is—in fact, each of its 36 rooms offers a distinct experience. Christina Tello of Tello Interiors says, “All the little touches—brass animals in each room, an array of velvet accent pillows—make each suite feel like a curated apartment. I wanted to do something that let guests know each room is different, but looks harmonious in context.”

It’s just what Atticus was poised to be: distinctive, but harmonious.