Behind The Artistic Vision Of This New Porcelain Collection


blue sky and cloud vase

blue sky and cloud plate

blue sky and cloud mug and saucer


Jonathan Hansen had his head in the clouds for some time before it dawned on him how to bring his artistic vision for Ciels Bleus, the New York designer’s Limoges porcelain collection, to fruition. “I met Marie Daâge through a friend during a work trip to Paris,” Hansen explains of the French tableware designer and name behind the storied brand. “I had admired the dreaminess of her color palette and the way in which each piece has a unique identity resulting from the hand-painted work.” So who better than Daâge, he thought, to bring his concept to life? Inspired by the ceilings of Renaissance and Baroque churches and the historic buildings of Europe, Hansen’s dreamy dinnerware set comprises 14 tableware and decorative porcelain pieces that are at once realistic and ethereal, traditional and contemporary—and fully unique, as each is hand-produced and individually painted. “The result is better than I could have expected,” Hansen says. “Marie’s craftspeople captured the essence of the cloudscapes I had in my mind and in my sketches with depth, sophistication and a touch of lightheartedness. We not only created a beautiful collection, but we also started a wonderful friendship.”