Behind The Design Of A Kitchen Inspired By Nature


Oneness with nature was not simply the inspiration behind architect Michael Hsu‘s design of a reimagined fishing camp in Mason, Texas: “It was the founding principle,” he explains. An organic materials palette juxtaposes a mostly modern kitchen scheme, all set to a framed backdrop of the Llano River. Hsu walks us through the space.

Describe how your client wanted the space to feel.

They originally had a fish camp on the property, where they came every summer. They didn’t want to lose that feeling or connection with nature, so the house is primarily glass with as little structure as possible so as not to obstruct views to the landscape.

How did the furniture and finishes keep with this sentiment?

Materials like the stone were selected from local sources, while the majority of the remaining facade is glass to make the house more transparent. The goal of the furniture was comfort and authenticity. The palette reflects the natural environment of the Llano River.

What are some tricks for creating a seamless indoor-outdoor space?

Lots of glass with large sliding doors is the obvious answer. But I think what makes for a smoother transition between the spaces is the furniture that bridges them together. Blurring the line between the inside-outside activities so you don’t sense you have moved from one area to the other can be done simply with the furniture arrangement, as if the glass didn’t exist.