Behind This New York Design Duo’s Collaboration


The Insiders: Design Partners

Two of the design industry’s biggest powerhouses have joined forces to collaborate on interiors worldwide. Through their newly launched Design Partners business, Linda Pinto and Thierry Despont plan to outfit homes, hotels, boats and even planes with their combined style. We sit down with the pair to get the details.

How did Design Partners come about?

Pinto: Thierry and I started talking about our companies and realized we had so much in common. Our offices are about the same size, we share many of the same clients, and we have the same philosophy of excellence and the satisfaction of making our clients’ dreams come true. We also realized we were alone at the helm, we are the same age, and we would like our companies to thrive.

Despont: There are ways in which we can complement each other’s work: My office is very strong in design and architecture for luxury hotels, retail and residential, and Linda’s office has strong capabilities in residential structures, yachts and planes. Together, we are able to cover all luxury design opportunities globally.

How will you work together?

P: Our biggest goal is to create the first architecture and interior design luxury group. The idea is to create a synergy, so we can offer our clients even more than before. The dispersion of the work will be done naturally, based on sharing our creative ideas to offer the client the best of both companies.

D: We will operate like any other partnership does, allowing firms to collaborate and tap into each other’s networks and resources seamlessly.

What’s something you’ve learned in your career that you’ll take with you to Design Partners?

P: Hard work is critical. The slightest details are important. The smile on the client’s face is essential. With those three lessons and our combined years of experience, Design Partners is already a success.

D: Over the past 37 years, I have learned the art of listening to my clients and working together to create a universe that will give shape to their dreams.