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Beth Naumann

The Insider: Beth Naumann

Hellbent is a fitting moniker for the intricate sculpture work and jewelry of artist Beth Naumann. In her Emeryville studio, she forgoes electricity and heat in favor of manual tools, bending brass by hand into one-of-a-kind mobiles, light fixtures, large-scale installations and delicate accessories. The self-taught metal artist studied interior architecture and product design but decided to launch Hellbent after she started making wire mobiles in her spare time. Most of Naumann’s pieces have been commissioned for private homes, but you can also find her sculptural works at her Oakland store, La Loba (and hanging on the wall at Mister Jiu‘s restaurant). Here, she shares what’s on her radar in the Bay Area.

Must-see for creative types:

The MacArthur Annex, a new mixed-use space in Oakland, is open to the public on the second Sunday of every month. In addition to the print studio, record shop and beer garden, there’s an art gallery where you can check out local artists and designers working on jewelry, clothing, footwear and floral designs.

Neighborhood to check out:

The area where Chinatown and the Financial District meet is doing great things. ELL is a new flex-use platform hosting events/conversations that dive into topics such as engagement and the creative process. Next door is Legion, a well-curated boutique and gallery. Chapel Hill Coffee Co. is delicious and, conveniently, also next door.

Go-to spots for inspiration:

The redwoods are a supremely comforting force for me when I’m feeling out of place or anxious. Hiking among the trees at Joaquin Miller Park or Redwood Regional Park allows me to unlock my creativity. I also love the Asian Art Museum. The amount of skill and detailed work displayed there energizes me every time.

Beth Naumann
Beth Naumann
Beth Naumann