Get Pulled In With This Artist’s Limited Cabinet Hardware Collection


Brass cabinet pulls against a blue background by Patty B. Driscoll

Birmingham fine artist Patty B. Driscoll has pursued many creative outlets over the years, from textile design and water gilding to hyperrealistic still-life painting. Since 2021, she’s also produced high-end door knockers through her signature Agatha Studio. Last year, when she and her husband purchased a forlorn Maine farmhouse, they inherited drawers full of contents from its prior owner, including a fascinating collection of buttons from the 1930s and ’40s.

Driscoll decided to combine the buttons’ vintage hallmarks with the nautical notes of the surrounding seaside towns to create the Downeast Collection, an exquisite batch of cabinet pulls using a unique cool-toned brass alloy. The limited-run fall release joins block-print wallpapers as Driscoll sets her sights on Egyptian and Art Deco stylings for future hardware lines.