How This Boulder Shop Puts Local Women Artisans Under The Spotlight


Ceramic vases, decor and tableware on a wood table at The New Local

In 2019, jewelry designer Marie-Juliette Bird gathered artists and makers to create a Boulder pop-up called The New Local. Now, the concept has grown into a nonprofit arts collaborative aiming to help female-identifying Colorado creatives earn a living wage, with a new brick-and-mortar location to boot. Luxe met with Bird to learn more.

The New Local moved into Boulder’s historic Montgomery House. What will we find inside? We have resident artists working in the space, an entire level devoted to workshops and a gallery showcasing local artists, designers and makers. It’s a hive of activity. 

The craftspeople you represent work on a variety of media, including ceramics, sculpture, painting and textiles. How do you select them? Every six months, we hold an open call which includes outreach to underserved and minority communities. Then a jury makes selections to ensure what we represent expresses a commitment to art and craft and shows the maker’s hand.

What’s next for The New Local? The big vision is to grow and have New Locals all over the country, with an online platform that ties them all together. I hope the next one is in Denver!