Inlaid Bronze And Steel Give These Concrete Tables An Organic Feel



Los Angeles artisan James De Wulf’s collection of indoor-outdoor concrete tables makes use of inlaid bronze and stainless steel.James De Wulf creates avant-garde furnishings from concrete, a medium he finds fascinating for its liquid-to-stone quality. “I’m a big materials guy, and concrete was a fun discovery for me,” recalls the former investment banker. What began as a foray into making countertops in 2004 ultimately became an art furniture business with a clientele including Albert Hadley and Tory Burch.

Newly returned to Los Angeles after several years in Europe, De Wulf has released his Exo series, a collection of indoor-outdoor concrete tables inlaid with bronze and stainless steel. At once brutalist and graceful, the tables derive their forms from the exoskeletons of microscopic organisms. To emphasize their organic nature, De Wulf eschewed the rigidity of traditionally round or oval tabletops and gave the pieces meandering edges that “keep them approachable and fun,” he explains. “It’s the culmination of all my knowledge,” he says of the collection, available through his website.