Meet A Brooklyn Creative Taking Her Striking Designs Across Media


Portrait of Andreaa Avram Rusu

Contemporary luminaire hanging above a long dining table.

Brooklyn-based architect, designer and artist Andreea Avram Rusu develops everything from visually striking blown-glass luminaires to a recent rug collaboration with Art + Loom. Luxe tapped Avram Rusu to learn more about her craft and inspiration.

Tell us about how you create new designs. Bold expression combined with exemplary technique is the cornerstone of everything we make. While some of our forms are pared down, our glasswork is notoriously challenging and time-consuming. In my collaboration with Art + Loom, I wanted to express the luminosity and intricate details that are possible with hand-blown glass in a two-dimensional medium.

How do materials impact your process? I love experimenting with glass; it’s full of surprises. By letting it guide the process, I can transcend the boundaries of design. Sometimes colors chemically react and create something entirely new. Other times, we start with one form and end up someplace entirely different.

What other media are you exploring? For the rug collection, I reinterpreted subtle glass details in textile forms. Recently, I have also been revisiting slip-cast porcelain and thinking about incorporating woven-leather details in future lighting collections.