2 Spots Making Brooklyn Heights An Instant Design Destination


Atlantic Avenue in Brooklyn Heights has long hosted chic home decor shops like Collyer’s Mansion and Salter House, but the street just got a much-needed boost as a can’t-miss shopping destination with two great additions: Antik and Sarajo.

Furnish Your Home With These Charming Items At Antik


Antik with a lacquered-wood console underneath a geometric abstract painting and smoked-glass coffee table

Antik is the retail store opened by Brooklyn-based interior designer Jenna Chused.

“I know how to do retail and have a bad habit of buying things,” Chused says with a laugh. “My dream was to have an office with a store in front so that everything I found, I could sell.” The store nicely displays the elements needed to finish a home: pillows, rugs, accessories and smaller furniture pieces. Many are vintage; others Chused found on her travels or designed herself.

“I’ve always been good at the mix,” she reflects. “Putting together items that complement each other, but in a way that you wouldn’t think of.”

Travel The World With These Vintage Accessories At Sarajo


Textiles gallery Sarajo displaying textiles on wall, shelving and on a rack

Sarajo, which showcases antique and vintage textiles, moved from SoHo to Brooklyn Heights when the gallery’s manager, Jess Petino, took over from retiring owner Yosi Barzilai.

And while Petino’s only 26—younger than the business—she has a clear direction for the gallery. She wanted a more visible retail space to display the varied textiles that include wall hangings, runners and blankets.

“This location was a wreck,” Petino shares, “but fortunately, I come from a crafty family so, with my parents’ help, we redid the entire space.” Which visitors can now discover as they take in the avenue’s varied offerings.