A Brooklyn Lighting Company Still Shines On Its 10th Anniversary 


seating area with large white pendants hanging over


The Brooklyn-based lighting company Rich Brilliant Willing, which has a showroom in SoHo, has skyrocketed to fame in just 10 years. The name is an eponymous reimagining of the three men behind the esteemed brand—Theo Richardson, Charles Brill and Alexander Williams. As the brand celebrates its 10th anniversary, Richardson talks to Luxe about its rapid success across a single decade. richbrilliantwilling.com

Tell us about the inspiration behind your work. Some of our most notable projects have been with interior design firms Meyer Davis and Rockwell Group. The experiences provided amazing insight into how our products are used in spaces where people live and work every day.

Why so much success in just 10 years? We identified our purpose—design should encourage the adoption of LED, which was once thought to be too cold and harsh. We began developing LED lighting with warmth and a refined aesthetic.

Any challenges so far? We encountered our first problem the day we started, since it was during the 2008 recession. We were able to overcome that roadblock, which brings us to where we are today—working to counter the global pandemic.

What’s next? We want to build a Manufactory 4.0, a smart factory to upskill and augment the work of people through advanced manufacturing systems.

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