It’s Easy To Feel At Home At This Vintner’s New Tacoma Tasting Room


Browne Family Vineyards tasting room with bar and seating

Celebrated Washington vintner Browne Family Vineyards recently opened an outpost in Tacoma’s charming, tree-lined Proctor District, with a tasting room envisioned by Seattle-based designer Heidi Caillier (below). She discusses the space’s nostalgic, richly layered interiors.

What was the overarching concept? I designed owner Andrew Browne’s family house, so we wanted the tasting room to feel like a reflection of that home. We used the same stone for the tasting room fireplace that we used in their home and some of the same textiles. We gravitated away from anything that felt commercial, keeping things soft with fabric and pattern.

Tell us about the room’s distinctive mural. I wanted to do a scenic mural on the back bar (above) telling the story of Andrew’s grandfather William Bitner Browne, who is the inspiration behind the brand. Artist Melanie Nead and I were able to read actual letters that William wrote to his wife while he was in the war. We were extremely touched and wanted to bring the story to life through Melanie’s artistry.

What do you hope visitors experience? I hope that everyone instantly feels comfortable and at home, and that they can feel the love this family has for the company and for one another.

Heidi Caillier sitting at round table