How Bulthaup Is Using Food To Connect AZ Creatives


The Insider: Robert Moric

As the owner of Arizona’s Bulthaup Scottsdale, renowned for its sophisticated kitchen designs, it’s not surprising that Robert Moric is a connector. Creating inviting spaces for people to gather in the hub of the home has been his mission since 2007. Recently, he’s set his sights on conceiving ways to bring design professionals together with the creative community at large. In a light-filled space adjacent to his showroom that’s part kitchen with a full-time chef, part living room, part library, part salon, he’s planned a series of events where he hopes the free exchange of ideas–and relationships–can flourish. Moric tells Luxe more about this endeavor, which he’s formalized into b.lab.

Tell us about b.lab. I want to explore how shared experiences can transform a retail environment into a more engaging space. We’re planning a range of events, from pop-up restaurants that bring in Michelin star-rated chefs to salons with everyone from designers to city planners and more. Also, with our living area inside the space and a patio outside, we invite design professionals to drop by for coffee, a meeting or just to say hi.

What makes Bulthaup the perfect place to bring people together? Food is our raison d’etre, and it’s the highest common denominator, one of the few things that unite us across socioeconomical, educational and generational divides. The kitchen is the stage where our lives come together, and we, alongside our clients, live out that idea every day.

What’s being requested for kitchens these days? Simplicity and sincerity in materials and forms. As contemporary lives become more complex and we get more and more distracted, our clients look for a sense of serenity and peace once they are in their sanctuary–home.