Beauty Endures: Caesarstone Launches 4 Rich Hues


oxidian render

When Caesarstone first stepped on the scene in 1987, it brought with it a revolutionary prospect: quartz surfacing. The brand’s reputation as an innovator has carried on, making it a trusted source for designers, architects and builders. Today, its latest releases continue to honor this history of novel creation.

Introducing Caesarstone’s first new colors of 2020: Oxidian, Empira Black, Piatto Black and Black Tempal. Part of the brand’s Enduring Beauty theme, each shade brings a matte finish that caters to a more dramatic look and highlights the stone’s stunning visual depth. The innovative palette exudes a vibe that differs greatly from that of Caesarstone’s spring 2019 campaign, which featured lighter colors.

caesarstone empire black

Empira Black’s delicate white veining ties it into the rest of this design.

caesarstone piatto black counter

This Piatto Black countertop looks as if it’s floating.

caesarstone black tempal

Waves of earthy visual texture make Black Tempal the perfect stone for this modern, yet organic-feeling kitchen.

Transformed alloys, such as bronze, steel and cast iron, were the muse for the rich new shades. These materials continue to reign in contemporary design, fueling the demand for metallic finishes. Here, we explore Caesarstone’s shadowy hues sure to give design industry pros more to experiment with.

OXIDIAN has a pleasingly aged appearance, yet it maintains the practical durability and ease of care synonymous with all of Caesarstone’s products. The textured matte finish lends its dark gray metal base true depth, and an oxidized russet effect is distributed unevenly like real rust.

EMPIRA BLACK is rich in base tone and further amplified by fine natural white veins. An interplay between color and movement, it is the inverse of its Spring Into Light counterpart, Empira White. It is opulent and decadent in one setting, yet can also suggest the modest beauty of nature through organic veining and texture that discreetly traces its complex body.

PIATTO BLACK embodies the most penetrating black. It exudes a fine, granular appearance complemented by a textured finish that enhances its intense color.

BLACK TEMPAL makes strides in the art of layering in stone fabrication. It has soft mineral deposits that form a subtle veil across the slab, in contrast to its black charcoal base. The rough finish and dynamic composition capture warm, granular highlights just as real stone would, all while maintaining the low maintenance requirements for which Caesarstone’s products are known.

Whether you seek a unique and luxurious surface for the home, or envision a gorgeous installation in a restaurant, bar or hotel, Caesarstone’s decadent new collection is calling.

All four of the Dark colors will be available in the brand-new Natural finish. Its texture, which has been described as “the caress of stone,” adds to the tactile experience. A satin sheen gently reflects light, captivating the viewer and enhancing the quality of the stone’s color, especially on darker shades.