Get A Marble Or Concrete Look Without The Worry


Empira White mixes with other textures and shades for a statement-making effect.

With neutral palettes dominating the past decade of high-end interiors, it’s only fitting that Caesarstone‘s latest color releases embrace the whites, grays, taupes and blacks beloved in today’s designs.

Part of the brand’s Into the Light range, Primordia and Empira White are quartz surfaces designed to look like concrete and marble, respectively.

A leader in the industry, Caesarstone unites technology, innovation and environmental influences by engineering natural quartz into flawless slabs.

“We adapt that which is pulled from the earth, and we increase its durability and versatility,” says Elizabeth Margles, Caesarstone North America’s vice president of marketing. “Primordia and Empira White are perfect examples of this. Each is fabricated using the highest caliber of quartz, which we enhance in design, pattern and quality to be nonporous, and resistant to scratches, stains, mold and mildew.”

As with all of Caesarstone’s products, Primordia is ideal for any installation, including the vanity, shower, butler’s pantry, wet bar and kitchen countertop. Striking details–soft mineral accents of off-white and gray, and darker gray-and-brown veins that simulate oxidized deposits–elevate this surface well beyond its backgrounds of taupe and gray.

While Primordia suits a more industrial aesthetic, and emulates the look of naturally aged Roman travertine, Empira White offers a classic, marblelike feel. As part of Caesarstone’s Supernatural Ultra collection, the surface is inspired by marble’s organic splendor but crafted to outperform it. With color and veining that are designed rather than discovered, Caesarstone’s surface not only elevates the time-honored stone look revered by designers and homeowners alike, it may well be visually preferable and is undoubtedly more predictable than its all-natural counterpart. In addition, the durable material allows for everyday wear in kitchens and bathrooms without worry of damage.

With these two fresh 2019 releases, as well as longtime favorites like Excava, Cloudburst and Frozen Terra, Caesarstone continues to contribute to the vernacular of 21st-century design.

An organic feel and unparalleled function become one in Primordia.

An organic feel and unparalleled function become one in Primordia.