Take A Look Inside The Homes Of Design Icons In This Book


Cover of design book "Sense of Place," by Caitlin Flemming featuring a dining room in neutral tones

Designer Caitlin Flemming has once again joined forces with her mother, Julie Goebel. Their second book, Sense of Place: Design Inspired by Where We Live, which came out on September 19, features 21 homes—including those inhabited by Flemming (San Francisco), Nate Berkus and Jeremiah Brent (Montauk, New York), and Malene Birger (Mallorca, Spain).

As avid travelers, the past few years prompted the duo to closely inspect the virtues of their immediate surroundings. “We started to wonder how where people live influences their design,” Goebel says. “As travel opened up, we visited folks in Europe and the U.S. to learn from them. The experience made us more acutely aware of the beauty in the world.”