Meet The Phoenix Artist Finding Beauty And Meaning In The Everyday


Oil-on-wood painting of woman walking dog down neighborhood street by Cam DeCaussin

Speak with Cam DeCaussin and you’re as likely to hear poetic introspection as you are phrases that evoke the heartland. That’s because he occupies a liminal space between his practical Midwest upbringing and his artistic sensibilities, which find beauty and meaning in nearly everything.

Case in point are his oil-on-wood paintings that reflect neighborhood moments, but also reveal the sensual undertones of what happens behind closed doors. This subject matter fascinates DeCaussin, who learned early on how to channel his emotions into art. “I found the best way of dealing with grief was to project it onto spaces or other people’s lives, so I could understand it better,” he explains.

As a result, his art (which will be on view later this year at Royse Contemporary in Scottsdale) feels like an evening stroll. You get a peek at what the neighbors are up to—and see yourself in the process.