Explore The Beauty Of Arcadia Living Through Florals


Bouquet of purple and white flowers in a white vase with a tan bottom

FEED TO FOLLOW: @camelbackflowershop

WHO: Teresa Wilson, owner and creative genius behind the fiercely local, works-directly-with-farmers Camelback Flowershop, which has been hustling blooms for 18 years.

WHAT: More than florals (although there are bunches of those, too), this feed explores the gracious ease of Arcadia living. Think citrus, greenery and, yes, even the occasional chicken.

WHY: The temperatures outside may be well into the triple digits, but this feed delivers all the cool and refreshing feels.

IN HER WORDS: We like to think of our Instagram as a virtual art gallery. It’s a collection of our aesthetic, which includes everything from inspiration images to beautiful creations our designers cultivate on a daily basis.”