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Camille sits in an armchair sideways reading a coffee table book with a cat in her lap

WHO: Camille Styles is the founder and editor in chief of the pre-eminent lifestyle site, Camille Styles. She established her footing in the world of event planning and catering before launching her blog in 2009. It has since evolved into an influential media company with a creative team working across the country. Styles and her husband, Adam, reside in Austin with their two children, and are renovating a 1950s beach house in Malibu, California.

WHAT: Styles’ output of content on food, design, gatherings, wellness and beauty garners 50 million impressions monthly. Her latest venture, Casa Zuma, brings that expertise and passion for entertaining to the home goods arena with linen napkins, wood boards and handmade mugs and dishes. 

WHY: A passion for inspiring others to live the life they dream about is what keeps Styles going. She believes a beautiful home, delicious food and celebrating with loved ones aren’t unattainable goals. Actualizing those visions through food, design and gathering friends around a table is her true happy place.

IN HER WORDS: “I’m grateful every day that I get to pursue my creative passions through this work and follow all the ideas that pique my curiosity and light me up. As an entrepreneur, I feel there’s something incredibly gratifying about dreaming up something new, building out that vision, and then working incredibly hard to bring it to life.

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