How This Florida Artist Channels Nature’s Energy Into Hope


Headshot of Carol Calicchio standing in front of one of her floral paintings

For abstract expressionist Carol Calicchio, painting bright, bold naturescapes reflects her deep affinity for all living things and her optimistic world view. Artistic from an early age, the Delray Beach, Florida, creative dabbled in sculpting, photography and jewelry-making while attending New York School of Interior Design before pursuing her true calling: fine art.

What inspires you? I was raised in suburban Connecticut and spent a lot of time camping among butterflies and stars. When I go outside and look around, I find the colors within nature equally soothing and energetic, so I implement those hues in my paintings. The positiveness and lightness in the work feed my soul. 

Describe your creative process. It’s like I’m in a trance. I don’t set out to draw or paint something specific; it finds me. Something tells me which colors to use, and I just paint, as if I’m a vessel for how the universe is unfolding. Then I’ll look, and the painting will be done. That’s how my “Ocean” series started.

What’s on the horizon? I’m working on a black-and-white series called “Beauty of Darkness,” which was inspired by a rare flower that blossoms in the moonlight and wilts before dawn. It’s very intense in depth and contrast. I also have a home collection in the works including wallcoverings, fabrics, pillows and more.

Carol Calicchio bright, bold floral painting featuring pinks, purples, blues, browns and yellowsPHOTOS: ARTWORK, AWAKENED LOVE, PHOTO, TYLER SARGENT; PORTRAIT, LAURA PEDRICK.