Get To Know 3 Miami Designers On The Rise


LUXE Next In Design 99 honorees and Miami designers Carolina Freyre, Ronald Alvarez and Monica Santayana share their unique styles, their influences and more.

Carolina Freyre stands beside a towering shrub

Photo: Jessica Glynn

For this LUXE Next In Design 99 honoree, Carolina Freyre it’s not just about decorating; it’s about curating a complete, immersive experience that weaves together elements from every aspect of life. Here, Freyre shares more about what defines her namesake firm.

Describe your style. I want to tell a story that genuinely reflects my clients. Starting off with a neutral base to establish a peaceful feel, I then add touches that are either softer, more elegant and refined—or sexier and edgy.

Biggest influence? My grandmother had exquisite taste and was the quintessential entertainer. She would host dinner parties with beautifully designed tablescapes and mouthwatering meals, and everyone would go around the table and recite poetry. Those experiences informed my approach of authenticity and reflection.

What’s one item that belongs in every home? Biophilic design.

Monica Santayana and Ronald Alvarez

Photo: Jeanne Canto

To shape their harmonious interiors, the principles of Moniomi Design, Ronald Alvarez and Monica Santayana, call on all five senses for a holistic style. Read on as these LUXE Next In Design 99 pros give us insight into their unique design ethos.

Tell us about your aesthetic. We create experiences based on color, pattern and curation. First, we identify a beautiful palette that envelops the space. We then layer in tonal and high-contrast patterns with a selection of mixed-style furniture.

What motivates you? Knowing the interiors we create are crucial to our clients’ peace of mind. Whether it be comfort, organization, functionality or well-being—you gain tranquility among that elegance.

One design rule to live by? Make every space beautiful. No matter how insignificant it may feel, a beautiful space will always make you happy.

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