Take A Behind-The-Scenes Look At The Creation Of These Textiles


Woman holding textiles with dog next to her.

Blue, white and neutral patterned pillows.

Paint brushes dripping black paint on white paper.

Four white, black and neutral patterned textile swatches.

POST MASTER: @cctextiles

WHO: Textile designer, artist, entrepreneur and mother (to both a golden-haired boy and a fluffy Pomeranian), Caroline Cecil.

WHAT: An artful blend of coolly composed interiors, smiling friends and family and, of course, tantalizing close-ups of the fabrics and wallpapers that begin as Cecil’s own artworks.

WHY: Each post pulls back the curtain on a graceful sort of lifestyle where roses bloom outside white houses, Roman shades let in just enough Arizona sunshine, and small-batch textiles and papers make the case that less is more when it comes to patterns. This instinct toward restraint means you can spend a good deal of time clicking through the feed, looking for the story behind each collection of heritage linens and hand-printed papers. (Or just the next shot of Caroline’s little boy scaling the couch!)

IN HER WORDS: “For us, Instagram is all about connecting with our community and sharing a behind-the-scenes look inside our Phoenix studio. From painting to measuring fabric yardages to pulling sample shipments to our studio Pomeranian, Taos, we hope to inspire our community to be more creative.”