Catalina Marin Brings Culture To Her Designs



The Insider: Catalina Marin

Chile native and Sonoma resident Catalina Marin feels strongly about preserving cultures and traditions from the past, and it’s this passion to bring old-world techniques to light outside of her country that led her to launch Treko. The contemporary line of luxury textiles, whose name means “yarn of wool” in a native Chilean dialect, is handmade by artisans from the island of Chiloe using traditional weaving and knitting techniques dating back to the 16th century. Here, Marin reflects on design and creativity in the region.

For inspiration:

Living and traveling abroad makes you realize the differences and similarities between regions. The south of Chile, where my sister now lives, and Chiloe island influenced me to start Treko. It reminds me of Sonoma’s coastline and its coloring, ruggedness and natural way of living. In San Francisco, I love the de Young museum, the Exploratorium and the botanical gardens.

Comforts of home:

In my house, I like having simple, all-natural materials that make you feel something. I think I have wool in every single space. Its coziness and its aromas bring me back home.

For the finer things in life:

I love exploring places that carry handmade pieces. Sacramento Street is a great resource for that; I’m a big fan of March, Anthem and General Store. The Erin Martin Design Showroom in St. Helena is also exceptional.

On your radar:

I met Laine Justice about two years ago, and now she’s one of my favorite artists. Her painting and collage work is unique, detail-oriented and thoughtful. I also think ceramicist Richard Carter is both talented and humble at the same time.