Peruse Woodcuts + Vases At This San Francisco Gallery’s Shop


Catharine Clark Gallery store with framed small artworks and tables full of books atop colorful patterned rugs

This spring, Catharine Clark doubled the size of her eponymous gallery, yielding additional exhibition space as well as a “bonus room,” as she describes it, that was “the perfect size for something I have often wanted to pursue”—a store. Offerings at the new jewel-box shop, called Exit, include melted crystal vases by Katherine Vetne, William Kentridge woodcuts, an abstract stained-glass sculpture by Andy Diaz Hope, Kara Walker lithographs and wooden bracelets by Ana Teresa Fernández.

Exit “looks a little like my own living room,” Clark says of the warm and welcoming atmosphere. Amid Persian rugs and textiles from Mexico, a wooden 19th-century canning table, chairs with sheepskin seats, an upholstered plaid sofa and a teak bar cart preside. An adjacent venue serves as a bookstore, whose inventory includes rare titles.

“People are encouraged to sit and thumb through the books,” the gallerist emphasizes. “Have a cup of tea or a glass of something stronger with us. Exit is a store, but it is also a hangout space—a place to commune with others casually and in a context that might promote interesting conversation.”