Revel In The Catskill Mountain Country Homes Seen In This Tome


Book cover for Country Life: Homes of the Catskill Mountains and Hudson Valley by William Abranowicz

Bedroom with tartan walls, a four-poster bed, antique artworks and dark-wood ceiling beams by William Abranowicz

Photographer William Abranowicz has spent years capturing the country homes of city dwellers in search of tranquility in the Hudson Valley. Published by Vendome Press, a new monograph, titled Country Life: Homes of the Catskill Mountains and Hudson Valley, surveys the vast array of dwellings Abranowicz has immortalized throughout his career.

The featured projects include everything from the historic homes of Hudson River School painters Thomas Cole and Frederic Edwin Church to the dwellings of vintage furniture dealers championing eclecticism above all else. Varying in style and age, these abodes are all united by the way they connect to their verdant setting.

Authored by Zander Abranowicz, the tome is a celebration of the different sensibilities that make up the landscape of Catskills homes as much as it is a reflection of the personal tastes of the region’s most design-forward habitants.