Celebrate 50 Years Of Seattle Design And Learn What’s Still Ahead


Seattle Design Center area featuring trees in oversize planters and tables surrounded by upholstered chairs

Since 1973, the Seattle Design Center (SDC) has been a creative nexus for the Northwest, serving as a home for inspiration and connection via events, speaker series, and the dozens of design showrooms that make up the 156,000-square-foot center in Seattle’s Georgetown neighborhood. Over the decades, it has persisted through economic changes and rapid urban development, today hosting 22 different merchants across two floors. As SDC’s celebrates its 50th anniversary, property and project managing director Richard Seges discusses its history and what’s still to come.

Why was the SDC founded and how has it evolved? The center was originally established to serve the region’s growing interest and appreciation for quality design and home furnishings. Over time, it has become the largest designer resource in the Pacific Northwest but has stayed close to its original purpose as the hub for a creative community.

What do you see for the future of Northwest design? The Pacific Northwest has a unique natural landscape, informing a sense of environmental awareness here that naturally encourages sustainability efforts, which are becoming such an important part of design. It’s possibly the most important shift in the industry, and it’s very much happening here.