Discover A Dallas Designer’s Local Finds For A Stunning Home Bar


Christy Blumenfeld of Blume Architecture enlisted Chad Dorsey Design and Barringer Homes to help transform her Dallas abode’s screened porch into “a boutique hotel bar,” she describes, “with multiple seating areas, a serving bar and space for my audiophile husband, Adam.” Working with his lead designer, Stefania Morandi, Dorsey adds: “Our inspiration was the refinement and chic style of a moody London club mixed with the serene and relaxed qualities of a Malibu beach club.” Here, the design team shares a few key elements that brought it to life.

Large, stacked speakers flank fireplace in casual seating area with exposed brick chosen by Chad Dorsey Design

Custom Cabinetry Was Critical To The Concept Of The Space


Located adjacent to the fireplace, a music cabinet—by Chad Dorsey Design with fabrication by Neovations—was critical to the concept of the space. It is a tall-footed vitrine with four hand-mounted glass panels that resemble a stained-glass window. Custom pulls enclose all of the musical equipment, including an amplifier, turntable, phono preamp and streamer.

Gallery wall of artwork on exposed brick wall backs sectional banquette and set of 2 brass cocktail tables.

Cocktail Tables Were The Crown Jewels Of This Project


Features like deeply textured lost-wax-cast brass and lacquered anigre wood veneer make this beautiful set of Pavé cocktail tables by Alexander Lamont the crown jewels of this project. They value the craftsmanship, textures and surfaces of expressive materials.

Rounded bar topped with natural stone, behind is exposed brick and exposed shelving displaying spirits.

These Natural Stone Countertops Complement The Bar Design


The coloration of this Michelangelo quartzite, sourced from Aria Stone Gallery, is extraordinary. It ranges from blue to pink to a warm peach hue that nods to the softness of its namesake artist’s palette. Classic and old-worldly yet striking, it is perfect for this space. The double ogee edge was an important detail, complementing the design of the bar’s bentwood supports and cane-inset panels.