These Hand-Crafted Vases Are Both Raw And Refined In Nature


3 yellow-and-beige vases with cooper accents lined up from left to right, tallest to smallest

Dennis Brackeen of Dennis Brackeen Design Group has a discerning eye for unique finds. And through his beloved Houston shop, Moxie, which he co-owns with Linda Chan, he revels in sharing his curated discoveries with the world. Moxie’s recent partnership with ceramicist Chase Gamblin is a case in point. After spotting one of the artist’s pieces at a local shop, Brackeen simply had to learn more.

“I am all about the mix, and I love great design regardless of the style or genre,” Brackeen explains. “Chase’s work is easily placed within any setting and blends effortlessly into a space, whether it’s traditional, transitional or modern.”

The result is an exclusive collection comprising hand-thrown and hand-painted porcelain vases in large and small sizes, each infused with a “fantastic combination of both raw and refined texture,” Brackeen notes.