Why We’re Swooning Over This Christian Ladd X Gracie Collab


Framed white scenic floral with a bird resting on a branch hand-painted against deep blue

Christian Ladd portrait sitting on sofa arm in a living room vignette in a black dress

Framed scene floral with bird resting on a branch hand-painted against ocean blue

Chinoiserie lovers rejoice. North Texas designer Christian Ladd of Christian Ladd Interiors has partnered with Gracie—beloved for its exquisite range of hand-painted wallpapers—to offer la Petite Gracie collection.

Available exclusively through Christian Ladd Home, the assortment of scenic florals includes heirloom-quality pieces scaled down from original, full-size Gracie designs.

The goal for this collaboration aligns with what inspired its creation: to offer accessible works that maintain Gracie’s standard of quality, as they are painted by hand on a range of silks and various papers and stamped for authenticity. At the same time, it offers enthusiasts an opportunity to begin their own collection, as each is equally beautiful on its own or in a grouping.

“Gracie pieces have long had a place in my heart and in many of my clients’ homes,” Ladd explains, “so creating a collection unique to my brand just made sense and has turned out better than I ever imagined.”