Make Room For Christian Siriano—And His Latest Home Collection


Christian Siriano At Home In Westport, CT

“I’m not an overthinker,” says designer Christian Siriano when it comes to decorating his Westport, Connecticut, home. “I buy pieces that I like and try them out—that’s the fun part of the design process.”

Last spring, Christian Siriano had only just closed on his new house—a 6,000-square-foot glass-and-stucco dwelling in Westport, Connecticut—when the country went into lockdown. Instead of using that time to slow down and feather his nest, the Project Runway star immediately shifted into superhero mode, rallying his atelier to sew thousands of masks for health care workers. Then, in the months following, he presented a new ready-to-wear collection, whipped up Covid red carpet looks for Lizzo, Jennifer Lopez and Lady Gaga and introduced a bridal line. Perhaps most surprisingly, Siriano announced his entry into the home space, launching an interior design studio and debuting a glamorous collection of geometric Postmodern furniture on 1stdibs—all this before wrapping up season 19 of Project Runway. “Yeah, I’m keeping busy,” laughed Siriano when Luxe checked in on the designer at his home in Connecticut.

You’ve said that if you hadn’t gone into fashion, you might have become an interior designer—and now you have. Did this affection for interiors begin when you were a child in Annapolis, Maryland? My mom was really into interior design and as a kid I always visited antiques shops with her. Even though our house had a sort of nautical, Nantucket feel that’s more traditional than my taste now, I have to say, I still love a beachy, coastal room.

What did your room look like? I had a lot of stripes and plaids because I was into the Ralph Lauren look. My walls were a bright cobalt blue and filled with paintings from the flea market. I had a picture of Alicia Silverstone from Clueless up too, which is hilarious because now Alicia and I are close friends.

Your furniture collection doesn’t play it safe. Share the inspiration. I made pieces that I wanted. I think the chairs almost look like little people in dresses. They’re modern and neutral in color, but they have warmth and texture.

The million-dollar question: How are you doing all this? Running an interiors firm on top of a fashion company is no easy feat. I have two full-time people working with me on interiors. But I’m literally the most insane multitasker there is. Juggling and taking on different types of projects is what I’ve always done. One of my strengths is that I’m not an overthinker. I make decisions very quickly.

What’s your secret for working with clients? Projects can take years in high- end interior design. We may be a new interiors firm, but I have dealt with some of the most unbelievable, challenging, famous and insane fashion clients in the world. Believe me, I can deal with an indecisive or difficult personality. That, I’m good at.