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Talking Shop With Adeeni Design Galerie

Talking Shop With Claudia Juestel

Adeeni Design Galerie, San Francisco

When did you open?

I opened the storefront on Post Street in a historic 1926 Tudor Revival high-rise building last December.

What is your vision for the boutique?

I am proud to share my European heritage and would like consumers to learn about the incredible design that was produced in Austria and the surrounding countries in the 20th century. At the shop, I have glasses designed by Josef Hoffmann in 1912, and they look just as modern today as they did more than 100 years ago.

How do you create a memorable customer experience?

I grew up in a hotel; my family was in the industry, so hospitality is very important to me. I wanted to offer shoppers great high-end design in a welcoming environment. Every guest is greeted in the shop with an offer of coffee or tea from the famous Viennese gourmet store Julius Meinl. We want you to linger for the fullest experience.

On the floor:

We carry mostly vintage modernist design from Austria, Germany, France, Belgium, the Czech Republic and Italy. You’ll find rare sculptures and lamps by French artist Philippe Cheverny, white-and-black modernist bisque vases from Germany, a chrome bar set designed by Gio Ponti, Augarten porcelain and Lobmeyr crystal, plus work by local artists including Lucky Rapp, Carrie Ann Plank, David Reposar and Gioi Tran. We also have our own private line of sofas, cashmere throws and pillows.

Talking Shop With Adeeni Design Galerie
Talking Shop With Adeeni Design Galerie
Talking Shop With Adeeni Design Galerie

Photos: Christopher Stark