Coates Design Architects Shares Their Forecast For 2021



With people spending so much time in their houses over the past year, architects and designers are seeing a shift in requests from homeowners—ranging from upgraded outdoor living spaces and additions to designing a new house from scratch. “We are definitely hearing different priorities from our clients,” says Coates Design Architects principal Matthew Coates. “People’s living environments are being put to the test and that has caused a major functional shift.” Here, Coates shares his forecast for the coming year with Luxe. 

Indoor-outdoor living is more popular now than ever. What are some new ways to connect with the outdoors? Some are purely psychological, such as oversize floor-to-ceiling windows, walls that extend into the landscape, and views framed at a distant focal point. Another approach is to intentionally blur the line between inside and outside by utilizing expansive door openings and large overhangs or covered outdoor areas that literally extend one’s living space beyond the walls of the home. 

What is the next big trend? In the coming year or two, I believe we will witness a renewed love and exploration of color. I also think there will be a major emphasis on the use of antimicrobial building materials and coatings, such as those that contain silver or copper. As they say, necessity is the mother of invention. 

Predictions for 2021? We are in a season of change. I think we will continue to see people wanting to improve their living environments, because this is something we can control. We can modify our house to take advantage of a stunning view, we can update the lackluster main bedroom or we can provide order to the kitchen that just doesn’t work. Renovations that expand our living space and connect us to the outdoors will be the primary type of architectural requests in the coming year. Let’s talk again in 12 months and see if I was right.