Call It Laid-Back Glamour: Chic Pieces That Reflect Colorado’s Landscape


vignette of cabinet with yellow mirror and painting

Denver may be a long way from California’s sunny shores, but the Malibu-born home-goods boutique Coda Studio has found some common ground, which it celebrates through a collection of bespoke modern furnishings that embody a chic, laid-back glamour.

“We love combining natural textures and exotic woods, which bring warmth to the modern furnishings,” says architect Angela Feddersen. She owns and operates the brand’s first outpost, which opened in Denver’s Cherry Creek North shopping district last February (an Aspen location debuted in late 2020).

Coda Denver’s customizable furnishings are designed to reflect Colorado’s natural surroundings, aesthetic and indoor-outdoor lifestyle, and include upholstered, metal and wood pieces handmade in Los Angeles using sustainable, Southern California-sourced materials whenever possible. A stylish selection of accessories, including art, textiles and lighting, highlights Colorado makers, “bringing a unique personality and story to each piece,” Feddersen says.

Full design services are also available to those clients looking to infuse every inch of their homes with Coda’s particular brand of cool.

hanging egg chair