Everything We Know About Color Factory Houston


Color Factory Houston

In need of a color fix? Well, Houston, we have a solution.

Instagram favorite Color Factory is scheduled to lift off in the Bayou City’s Upper Kirby neighborhood October 26 through November 26, and tickets are now available for purchase.

The collaborative experiential exhibit, which debuted in San Francisco in 2017 and also has a location in New York, carefully selected Houston as its third-ever locale, thanks to the city’s reputation as a vibrant, philosophical, artistic and diverse destination.

In collaboration with talented artists, designers and makers, the pop-up is designed to awaken audiences to the everyday brilliance of colors found throughout the region. In the case of Color Factory Houston that means plenty of “NASA Blue,” yellow from the stadium chairs in the Astrodome, brown from the Buffalo Bayou, and pink from the frosting of a Shipley’s Donut. Every hand-selected hue pairs with a sensory activity.

In a series of rooms totaling 20,000 square feet, a few of the installations expected include:

  • “Thought Bubbles,” a black-and-white space except for colorful floating orbs developed by inventors Harvey & John using the Bernoulli Principle.
  • “Complementary Compliments,” comprising 20 stalls in a fully striped room allowing guests to make a human connection through an audio guide of creative activities.
  • “Chromaroma,” inviting attendees to find a color, read the clue, take a sniff and guess the scent, thanks to the work of Art & Olfaction.
  • Color Me ______,” featuring large-scale black-and-white murals by illustrators Andrew Neyer and Andy J Pizza that leave the coloring (with  giant 5-foot-long markers) up to visitors.

At the entry, visitors may register for a card with a special barcode to scan at custom photo booth stations set up throughout the exhibition. Images will automatically be emailed to users. So, you can share your experiences flying high over the rainbow far and wide via your own social media accounts.

See some images from previous Color Factory exhibitions, below:

Color Factory Houston
Color Factory Houston
Color Factory Houston