Get To Know The Furniture Makers Behind Q|CO


Get To Know The Furniture Makers Behind Q|CO

Meet The Makers


Mere months after its late-2018 launch, the Wheat Ridge, Colorado-based design house q|co is making waves with its collection of sculptural and sustainable custom furnishings, like their Wing Chair. Founders Jason McCloskey and Trystin Sova share what drives their sophisticated designs.

Describe your style. Many of our designs rethink the relationship between object and function, applying a more sculptural approach to furniture design. But q|co designs are marked by the intentional pairing of movement and stillness, whimsy and poise, indulgence and restraint, playfulness and sophistication. There’s a certain gracefulness to the pieces, a tension that (hopefully) invites awe and curiosity. The pieces also nod to nature, midcentury modern design and ski technology.

What inspires your work? For Jason, the canyons–always–and the mountains. Feelings are a big source of inspiration, specifically the feeling of being in Western landscapes. For Trystin, objects and lines. Most of her designs spring from found objects, natural or manmade, and are abstractions thereof.

Tell us about your tools. A lot of our work starts digital and ends analog. We both started in traditional woodworking and then made our way to 3D modeling software, CNCs and other computer-controlled technologies. But this transition hasn’t negated the need for old-school, time-honored tools: Our chisels and hand planes still see plenty of use.

What’s next? This spring and summer, we’re hoping to roll out a few larger pieces: a bed, a couch and a customizable credenza. We’re also working on a fully upholstered version of the You Lounge, a few lighting designs and a small selection of home goods.

Get To Know The Furniture Makers Behind Q|CO