Meet 2 Colorado Pros Reflecting On Sustainability And Interior Design


From using salvaged wood to maximizing sunlight to promote wellness, Next In Design 99 Colorado designers Victoria Jones and Nancy Holst share their forward-thinking approaches to sustainability in interior design.

Victoria Jones Elevates Homes With Salvaged Wood


Vail-based LUXE Next In Design 99 honoree Victoria Jones aims to design elevated homes in harmony with the beauty around them. The Studio James principal tells us about the role sustainability plays in her ethos.

Portrait of Victoria Holst

“Salvaged wood is huge for us! The log cabin craze took down so many trees. It’s painful to contemplate. A large part of our designs involve reincorporating that wood while imagining contemporary environments. It requires creativity, planning and a lot of logistics to move timber around, but it allows us to avoid part of the environmental impact of construction.”

Nancy Holst Uses Wellness To Craft Interior Spaces


With Holst Interiors, Greenwood Village designer and LUXE Next In Design 99 talent Nancy Holst takes a soulful, personal approach to crafting spaces. Here, she explains how wellness nurtures authentic experiences.

Portrait of Nancy Holst

“I am a big proponent of health and well-being, from sourcing water-saving and energy efficient appliances and plumbing fixtures to finding green products such as low VOC-emitting paints and stains. I also collaborate closely with architects and builders to maximize sunlight and bring nature into a home through windows, roof decks and outdoor spaces. Natural light not only reduces the need for artificial lighting, but also improves the mood and well-being of the homeowners.”


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