Colorful Botanicals Make A Splash In This Jewel Box Bathroom


botanical wallpaper colorful bathroom

“The most important principle in design for me is creating a space that you feel good living in every day,” says Caitlin Murray of Black Lacquer Design. But sometimes that idea can be interpreted in very different ways. Take, for example, this Redondo Beach, California, home, where Murray’s husband-and-wife clients had varying desires: One favored Hollywood Regency style and pattern while the other preferred a clean, tonal aesthetic. Eventually they landed on a fun, playful vibe in the powder room space, which Murray transformed into a jewel box of color and charm. No doubt, a win-win!

Where did you start? Everything was designed around the wallpaper. The clients travel to China and have a business there, so it was important to include something that referenced this connection. The Timorous Beasties wallcovering has such pretty patterning and motifs, which felt like the right fit to the homeowners. I’m always pushing for color, so I was thrilled it worked out!

Speaking of color, how do approach it within your designs? I like to mentally establish a palette in my head, because I think that if you don’t stay within certain constraints, the scheme can feel all over the place and disconnected. Here, I used the wallpaper as a road map for the other elements in the bathroom, including the Vola red faucet.

The blue-and-green palette with pops of red works so well here. I think of greens and blues as reading neutral, so I’m usually able to convince clients to go for these colors. Besides, who doesn’t want to be surrounded by tones found in nature?