Colorful Graphics Dominate This Muralist’s Joyful IG Feed


Artist Nicole Poppell painting a pickle jar as part of a larger food-themed mural

Artist Nicole Poppell standing in front of her mural of the Pittsburgh skyline

Home office with abstract orange and green mural

Stacks of colorful abstract art prints on a wood table

Woman sitting next to her bike in a green field with yellow flowers


WHO: Artist, muralist, fashion collaborator and outdoor biking enthusiast Nicole “Nnuzzo” Poppell.

WHAT: Time-lapse reels that distill mural painting down to seconds, art installations that make you rethink those blank walls at home, pattern inspiration for postcards and prints (as well as the occasional fashion collab) and plenty of Poppell’s infectiously joyful creativity. 

WHY: Because Poppell has a knack for eyeing up inspiration in her hometown of Phoenix. Because her IG feed is part creative outlet, part visual diary. Because having fun is always in style.

IN HER WORDS: “I fell in love with design and the way it covers every scale of human interaction, from architecture to the products we use every day. And I believe that translates to art.”