Check Out This Community-Oriented Space In Downtown Seattle


Cedar Hall with seating areas, including a circular tufted leather banquette, long gray sofa and club chairs

As Seattle, along with many U.S. cities, undergoes a dramatic downtown transformation post-pandemic, one developer is proposing a community-focused model. Located along Fifth Avenue in the heart of Seattle’s downtown core, Cedar Hall is a street-level experience inside the 1989 U.S. Bank Center. Led by EQ Office, the redesign encompasses both retail and community space, including nearly 50,000 square feet of common areas for Seattleites to gather.

“Cedar Hall was designed with human connection at the core,” says Zach Zaborowski, Pacific Northwest senior vice president of EQ Office. The design by SkB Architects was inspired by Scandinavian train stations but with a Pacific Northwest twist, featuring an emphasis on art from local creatives. Adds Zaborowski, “It is meant to be an accessible art experience in the heart of downtown.”