Plant Lovers: Add This Colorado Shop To Your Must-Visit List


Wood shelves filled with plants, sculptures, candles and perfume.

Mother-daughter duo Betsy and Megan Jamison have always had an eye for beauty. Before launching Littleton home-goods and luxury floral boutique Conservatrice in 2015, Betsy worked as a professional photographer and interior decorator, while Megan was a pastry chef with a knack for floral design.

With their current creative outlet—housed in a charming storefront on Littleton’s historic Main Street—the pair have indulged their taste for the unusual and dramatic. “We love abundance and old-world European styling; decadent paintings and English gardens inspire us,” says Megan, who channels these themes into romantic floral designs that incorporate seasonal and locally grown blooms.

In addition to custom and pre-designed bouquets, the duo offers houseplants of all sizes, along with an assortment of ceramic pots and planters in styles that range from simple to timeworn. “We’re always on the lookout for quirky vessels,” Megan says. “We don’t like pigeonholes or relying on a certain genre,” Betsy adds. “Conservatrice means curator in French, and we thrive on surprising our customers with everything from candles and textiles and interesting wall art to stacks of pots and lovely smelling hand creams. Our aim is to guide customers to discover what they love, because when you collect what you’re drawn to, it always works.”