Peruse “Pretense-Free” Art At This Phoenix Contemporary Gallery


Artwork depicting fluffy white clouds against a cream-colored backdrop.

Photo: Courtesy Belhaus Uptown

Some things are simply destined, like the new location for Belhaus gallery. Next to Framed Ewe on 7th Street in Phoenix, Belhaus’ address represents a coming home of sorts for owner Gino Belassen, who had his first solo show at Phoenix General, which previously occupied the space.

Belassen opened a gallery downtown, now known as Aftermarket, but as that grew, he began contemplating his next move. “I’d been manifesting a new space for the gallery for almost a year,” he says. Finally, the opportunity to open uptown arrived, and he welcomed fate with a grand opening in October. Today, Belhaus offers “pretense-free” contemporary art with a mix of solo shows and group exhibitions, featuring work by Belassen as well as that of a coterie of lifelong friends and colleagues.