Duo Behind Calico Wallpaper Launches A Textile Line



In November, Nick and Rachel Cope, the couple behind Brooklyn’s Calico Wallpaper, figured out a way to expand their business. “It became clear we could delve into fabric and soft goods as a complement to our work at Calico Wallpaper,” Nick says. “We were inspired, the timing felt right and, after becoming parents, we particularly liked the idea of having a studio operating under our family name so we could create something attached to a greater legacy.” Enter Cope, a collection of textiles that brings the same handcrafted quality of Calico Wallpaper into the softer side of home goods, including curtains, pillows and upholstery. Here, a peek inside how it came to be.

Why expand the business now?

NC: We wanted to launch textiles very shortly after we launched Calico Wallpaper in 2013, but we were initially so focused on getting it right. We wanted to perfect our wallpaper before branching out into other categories.

How did you manage the transition?

RC: It felt natural. My mother was a textile artist, and when I was growing up in Martha’s Vineyard, she taught me how to marbleize paper, batik, dip-dye and even quilt.

Tell us about Cope’s first release.

RC: The collection is very organic and inspired by nature–multicolored orals, earthy palettes and two-toned undulating waves inspired by Suminagashi, the ancient art of Japanese marbling. Each piece begins with an inspiring spark: Landscapes, scientific phenomena and artistic practices all came into the picture here. Specifically, we drew from flower arrangements by New York floral designer Saipua and the landscape around Hudson, where we recently bought a weekend home.