25 Cosmic Wallpaper And Fabric Options To Star As Favorites


wood-look wallpaper draped over porthole

Sand Garden Fabric in White by Larsen / cowtan.com

Like an astronomer studying the sky, these cosmic wallpaper and fabric selections embody the magic of faraway galaxies.

Lunar Landscape

Clockwise from top: Moon Silk Fabric in Silver by Zoffany / zoffany.com. Half Moon Bay Wallpaper in Graphite by Nina Freudenberger / studiofournyc.com. Links Wallpaper in Neutral by Harlequin / zoffany.com. Persian Nights Agate Wallpaper by Christian Lacroix / designersguild.com. Starlight Wallpaper in Navy/Silver / yorkwallcoverings.com. Solar Wallpaper in Beryl by Eskayel / studiofournyc.com.

Solar Studies

Clockwise from top: Atmosphere Wallpaper in Dew / calicowallpaper.com. Moon Wallpaper in Koniro Blue / callidusguild.com. Mosaico Wallcovering in Blue Stone / arte-international.com. Rock Candy in Aura Fluorite by Amanda Wachob / flavorpaper.com. Paden Wallcovering in Patina / fabricut.com. Cielo Fabric in Evening Blue by Radish Moon / johnrosselli.com. Vibrant Fabric in Bluemoon by Linherr Hollingsworth / kravet.com. Moonlit Mica Wallcovering in MLM001 and MLM002 / astek.com.

Celestial Collection

Clockwise from top: Il Vespro Wallpaper in No. 01 / zakandfox.com. Takra Wallcovering in Cloud-01 / fabricut.com. Kumo Wallcovering in White / fschumacher.com. Vinyl Star Dust Silk Wallcovering in Blue Moon / phillipjeffries.com. Sutton Wallpaper in Metallic Gold / thibautdesign.com. Leeann Wallcovering in Sorta Taupe / paretewalls.com. Aurum Fabric in Midnight by The Vale London / fabricut.com. Fireworks Wallpaper in Gold Dust and Constellations Fabric in Ocean Air / jimthompsonfabrics.com. Vinyl Luxe Cork Wallcovering in Evora Slate / phillipjeffries.com. Phlume Wallpaper in Schabin / callidusguild.com.