Call It ‘Home Couture’: Custom Linens Are The Latest At This Florida Studio


The term “mass production” does not exist in Sophia Passerini’s vocabulary. The native Venetian owns Passerini Luxury Interiors in Jupiter, which launched in London in 2012 and relocated to Florida in 2019; it’s filled with a rare mix of pieces from her bespoke line and custom or hard-to-find items sourced from exclusive collections and cherished artisans in Italy. Here, Passerini reveals how the past has shaped her career in interior design.

Why do you refer to your services as “home couture”? Home couture recalls the concept of haute couture taken from the Parisian high-fashion tradition but transferred to the home interiors world. The artisans I use in Italy are the most highly skilled in the market.

Tell us about your new home linen collection, Marsaria. In Venice, there is an island, Burano, that is famous for its laces, which inspired me to launch my own line of linens. The collection puts together three pillars of luxury: materials, craftsmanship and customization. Our materials are the most refined percales and sateens, both in cotton and in other fabrics such as silks and cashmere. Each set is made to measure for the client’s bed, dining table or bathroom, and we can fulfill any request. 

What are the Italian experiences you offer clients? Before the pandemic, we organized special trips to Italy with clients of large-scale residential projects who were looking to source materials directly from where they originated. We traveled to quarries in Carrara and other workshops where clients can see and choose exactly what they’d like for their home and meet the artisans. During the week, we’d surround our clients with beauty and art, along with amazing food and wine, for an unforgettable experience. I miss this so much, and hopefully, we can start doing it again when it’s safe to resume travel.