Get The Scoop On This Dallas Company’s Expansion Into Opulent Tiles


black-and-white tile by Stone Boutique in bathroom with white sink and gold-toned faucet, round mirror and sconce

Francisco and Margarita Acosta are known for moving the design dial forward. In 2016, they founded Stone Boutique in Dallas, setting their company apart with patented technology that makes every slab of their luxury natural stone available for effortless viewing in a high-resolution digital gallery. Now under the Architectural Surfaces umbrella, Stone Boutique has expanded into the world of luxury tile.

“We hand-select each tile in our meticulously crafted collection for its extraordinary beauty, exceptional quality and unrivaled artistry,” the Acostas say. Included in their line is a diverse range comprising natural stone, captivating mosaics, handmade ceramics, artistically hand-glazed options and elegant glass tiles sourced from renowned origins like Japan, Italy, Canada and the United States.