De Gournay’s Bespoke Wallpaper Takes Center Stage At The Colony



The lobby of the always-glam The Colony Hotel in Palm Beach has been reimagined into a chic spot appropriately dubbed The Living Room, where guests can dine, socialize and sip cocktails.

There are new furnishings, such as a striking, 10-foot-tall pagoda rising above the fireplace, brass palm tree accent tables and palm-frond wall sconces from Kemble Interiors, but undoubtedly the most eye-catching feature is de Gournay’s bespoke wallpaper pattern designed in partnership with Colony owner Sarah Wetenhall.

The hand-painted wallcovering showcasing Florida’s flora and fauna—think grazing flamingos and panthers donning diamond lariats—was inspired by a mural that hung in the lobby when the hotel first opened in 1947. “I discovered an old postcard image of the mural The Early Days in Palm Beach,” explains Wetenhall. “It was our mission to embody the whimsy of our beloved hotel.”

For those who wish to replicate the look at home, the pattern is now part of de Gournay’s library.