Admire The Glass Works This Maker Creates For Her Family’s Winery


Portrait of artist Deborah Barnard in front of strips of colored glass in hues of green

After four decades, Barnard Griffin Winery is getting some new sparkle. The Columbia Valley vintner has opened a tasting room in Woodinville, Washington, and it’s a family affair. Visitors can sip on pours from second-generation enologist Megan Hughes and her father, Rob Griffin, with finishing touches by the family matriarch, artist Deborah Barnard, who has created custom glass elements for the tasting room. Located on the winery grounds, Barnard’s db Studio is where she creates her vibrant fused-glass pieces, many of which are functional works of art.

Tell us about your process. I work with warm glass—1,500 degrees is about as hot as we get—which can be used from fusing to casting and everything in between. The glass can be shaped into wall art, sculptures, vessels; it’s limitless.

Describe the pieces you created for the new tasting room. I made a custom glass-art bar front and several chandeliers. The space is designed for visitors to explore and appreciate fine wine, so the lighting is critical. I installed glass panels that are LED backlit on the bar face, and since Woodinville is in a forested area, there are many green and warm, rust tones.