Designers Breegan Jane And Jaqui Sherman Chat Tips + Tricks


Luxe Next In Design 99 honorees and Los Angeles designers Breegan Jane and Jaqui Seerman share tips, insights and interior tricks, from creating striking color palettes to hitting just the right balance in a space.

Breegan Jane

Portrait of Breegan Jane

Photo: Ryan Garvin

Luxe Next In Design 99 talent Breegan Jane creates interiors imbued with modern, approachable luxury that are unique to each client’s sensibility. Here, she shares what shapes her designs.

Define luxury. For some, it means high heels and glam; for others, it’s sand and sandals— it’s about creating and enjoying the life you want.

Your palettes are inspired by… European shorelines. In my opinion, they’re the reason why highlighting any space with a bright white has made such an impact for hundreds of years. I emulate that effect with Cool December by Dunn-Edwards.

Go-to design trick: Using nondirectional patterns, especially in flooring. They’re great at creating the illusion of more space while instantly elevating a room.

Jaqui Seerman

Portrait of Jaqui Seerman

Photo: Madeline Tolle

For designer Jaqui Seerman, who aims to craft entirely customized spaces, authenticity is always top of mind. The Luxe Next In Design 99 honoree tells us more about her ethos.

What motivates you? Creating spaces that positively impact people’s lives by inspiring and delighting them every day.

Every home needs… A versatile and comfortable statement chair. It not only adds character and style to any space, but also provides a cozy spot for relaxation and reflection.

Design rule to live by: “Balance is key.” Whether it’s colors, textures or furniture placement, maintaining a harmonious balance brings a sense of cohesion and tranquility to a space, resulting in a visually pleasing environment.

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